Second from the left; Steve passing out in 1975 Website made by Steve Hanks using only Xara Web Designer, and no other graphics or software tools. Steve hails from Doncaster in South Yorkshire and has been married to Carol for 31 years. They have three Sons - Stuart, Darren and Christopher and four Granddaughters - Ruby, Grace, Imogen and Pippa. Steve was a late comer to the music scene, even though his father (Gordon) was in the music business. He didn't start to learn the guitar properly until he was 20 but It wasn't long though before he was gigging in bands, all be it not very good ones (by Steve's own admission). Steve's first country band was an outfit called 'Country Style' from Kings Lynn, Norfolk where he was based in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft technician. He played lead guitar and harmony vocals for a year before leaving to start and front his own band. The new band 'Moonshine' was quite popular in and around the Norfolk area in the early to mid 80's, until the time came to leave the RAF in 1986 and seek full time employment in civi street. He ended up at Norwich Airport (50 miles away) as a fitter but traveling to work proved too much and he had to leave the band. He soon found a place as a bass player in a well established Norwich based Irish band called 'Spiral'. Eighteen months later and he was on the move once more back to his home town of Doncaster for full time employment at RAF Finningley and another country band as a bass player in an award winning outfit called 'Reno'. This lasted 18 months before redundancy and a poor employment market forced Steve into turning professional in the country music industry. This was something he'd always wanted to do but never had the nerve. Firstly as a duo called 'Hanks & Silva' with partner Keith Silva they plugged away at the local club scene making quite an impact. Two years later came a third member; pedal steel player Nick Payne and a name change to the 'Steve Hanks Trio'. As with most professional bands changes are inevitable for one reason or another and as such bass player Tony Hornsby and lead guitarist Tony Austin joined Steve in 1993. Bass player Stuart Ramsden joined in 1996 and multi instrumentalist Steve Harrop joined in 1998. Steve Harrop's son Robben took the place of Stuart in October 2000 and was with the band until the end of May 2002 when Steve embarked on a solo career. Stuart Ramsden sadly passed away unexpectedly in 2008; he was a good friend and is sadly missed by Steve and all the fans they gained along the way. 1959 was a 'Good Year for the Posers, Steve as a baby! Steve & Carol on their wedding day back in 1981
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